Beautiful Blogger Templates with Slider

Here is a list of free beautiful feature-rich Blogger templates that come complete with a glider, slider, carousel or something of similar effect. This type of templates is becoming more common nowadays.

The features use JavaScripts, so if you were to use these templates, you need to upload the script files to a web host. The scripts are usually bundled together with the template downloads.

1. Blue Glide


2. Reflection

reflection blogger template

3. Zinmag Tribune 2.0

zinmag tribune 2 blogger template

4. Zinmag Primus 2.0

zinmag primus 2 blogger template

5. Magasin Uno

magasin-uno blogger template

6. Milano

milano blogger template

7. VoO Mynyx News

voo-mynyx blogger template

8. Mahusay

mahusay blogger template

9. Hybrid News

hybrid news blogger template

10. Magazine Template R.1.2

Magazine Template R.1.2 blogger template

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willy said...

very nice template :)

Bambang Wicaksono said...

@willy: thanks for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Templates.

Please, don't include pam.

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