Sliding Door Wordpress Theme

A unique template featuring sliding images in the header based on phatfusion imagemenu. Look at theme homepage to see the menu in action - the preview does not work on!!!! Sliding images in header link to pages, or can be redirected using the Page Links To plugin. The theme has a comprehensive support forum to help you get started at

The latest version is available from here.
If you need help with the theme, there is a support webpage here, with a FAQ, and an extensive forum.
Version 1.8 is a major update – the theme now automatically links to your first 7 pages and puts the headings in. If you want the old version with the writing in the images, you can still grab it from here. Also, the original photoshop file to make your own sliding images for the old version is here.

Getting Started

1. Download the theme and activate it from wordpress.
2. Download the ‘page links to’ plugin from here
3.In the WordPress Pages menu Create 7 pages that will be your seven headings in the menu. They can be a real pages with content (Eg ‘About me’) or you can go down the bottom of the page entry and select the ‘page links to’ and link to anywhere like this:
Screen shot 2009-10-10 at 9.25.38 AM
4. If you’d like to change the images, you need to use an FTP program to upload new jpgs to override the existing ones in the wp-content/themes/slidingsdoor/imagemenu/images directory. They need to have the same name, and be 320×200 in size or it won’t work.
For more complicated mods etc check out the forums at
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