WP-Creativix Premium Wordpress Theme

WP Creativix is a free but still premium Wordpress Theme. It offers you a elegant Business design, with Javascript dropdown Menu and a lot more features. It comes with a Javascript Slideshow, Lightbox Portfolio and Full Widget Support. This Wordpress theme is free for download, you can use it on any Wordpress site you want.

WP Creativix comes with a nice Portfolio powered with nice Javascript Lightbox. This Portfolio displays as many Featured Posts/Works as you want. Adding Posts/Works to the Portfolio is really easy, just select a category and add a custom field. The images will be resized automatically. Why don’t you have a look at our Portfolio to  

WP-Creativix Features

WP-Creativix a free premium business portfolio Wordpress Theme offers a lot to his users. This is a small excerpt from what will be possible by using WP-Creativix Wordpress Theme:
  • Drop-Down Menu for Pages
  • JQuery Slideshow with Thumbnails on Frontpage
  • Predesigned Portfolio Page
  • Lightbox Support
  • Allows you to chose your own highlight color (f.e. 993399 for purple)
  • Threaded Comments
  • Predesigned Widgets
  • Big Option Set
  • Upload Custom Logo via Admin Panel
  • Nice Icons for Home/Contact/Imprint
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