Heliumified Reloaded WordPress Theme

Heliumified Reloaded

Name:Heliumified Reloaded
Coder/Designer:Padd Solutions
Coder/Designer URL:http://www.paddsolutions.com/
Description:Heliumified Reloaded WordPress Theme with a superior upgraded version
which is packed with awesome features and fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WordPress MU. Heliumified Reloaded is also tried and tested to work in a multisite environment, this theme has a clean and well-structured code for easy customization for your special needs and a .pot file which you can easily translate in your preferred languages with ease.
Theme Features:1. Introduction/ Welcome section

2. 6 Ready Made color schemes
3. Easy upload unlimited background images
4. Easy upload title image
5. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WordPress MU
6. Custom Front Page (About, Support, Contact)
7. Custom Menus
8. Turn on/off capabilities of the front page widgets
9. Widget Ready
10. Subscription Ready
11. SEO optimized
12. Popular Posts
13. Featured Photos
Installation:1. Install heliumified-reloaded folder at /wp-content/themes/
2. Activate Heliumified Reloaded Theme 1.0 by Padd Solutions (Note: Don’t worry if it might look disoriented at first, you need to activate the required plugins to fully utilize the theme.)

Activate the Required Plugins:

Initial Settings:
  • Setting the DropDown Menus:
    1. Go to Appearance > Menus.
    2. Drag and drop the menus you want to appear in header navigation menu at the “Main Menu” box and hit “Save Menu” button.
    3. At the Theme Locations box, choose “Main Menu” from the dropdown choices and hit “Save”.
  • Flickr Gallery:
    1. Go to Settings > flickrRSS RU Settings
  • Regenerate Thumbnails (skip this step if you are on a fresh install):
    1. Tools > Regen. Thumbnails
    2. Click Regenerate All Thumbnails
    3. Wait for 100% to regenerate all thumbnails.

Customizing Heliumified Reloaded Theme:
  • Setting the Front Page Widgets:
    1. Go Appearance > Heliumified Reloaded Options > General
    2. Designated Featured Page – choose from the dropdown options
    3. First Column Page – choose from the dropdown options
    4. Second Column Page – choose from the dropdown options
    5. Third Column Page – choose from the dropdown options
    6. Save Settings.
    7. Note: You can turn on/off the widget areas as needed.
  • Setting the header background:
    1. Go Appearance > Heliumified Reloaded Options > Background
    2. Choose from the Background Mode: Ready-Made or Custom Background
    3. Save Settings.

  • WordPress 3.2+
  • Host server with PHP5+
Compatible:Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeSafariOperaInternet Explorer
Tags:1 Sidebar, 2 Column, 4 Column Footer, Custom Menu, Featured Content, Fixed Width, Grey, Magazine, Page Navigation, Right Sidebar, SEO Optimized, Social Bookmark, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, White, Widget Ready, wordpress
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