Quik Gallery WordPress Theme

Name:Quik Gallery
Description:The Quik Gallery theme works best probably for videos, games or photo type
sites but can also make a little unique blog with a bit of editing. The design a bit simple so its easier for everyone to customize, but the general layout is great and you can easily make some CSS changes to fit your own gallery.

Themes Features:
Gallery style homepage/category/search page layout using featured images, built-in NivoSlider, blue, green, pink or red color options, unlimited background options, Wp 3.0+ menu system with drop-downs, header ads spot, slimmed down CSS, search bar in header, widgetized footer – optional, custom logo option, no BS hidden links or sponsored links.
Template Author:WP Explorer
Designer URLhttp://www.wpexplorer.com/
Instructions:In the following video will walk you through the various features of the theme and how to set up some of the main aspects of the theme like the slider, background color, color scheme and advertisement spot.
Quik Gallery Free WordPress Theme Video
Compatible:Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeSafariOperaInternet Explorer
Tags:1 Sidebar, 2 Column, 4 Column Footer, Ads Ready, black, Blue, Custom Menu, Gallery, Green, Pink, red, Right Sidebar, Slider, Theme Options, White, Widget Ready, wordpress
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